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About SoFriLumCo


Born and raised in what was once a small rural NC town (we see you, King, NC!), my Southern hospitality roots already run deep. Couple that with a Filipino culture that won't ever leave you hungry (or alone... just kidding Mom & Dad      ), and you get this: a little family-inspired food truck called Southern Fried Lumpia Co., scratch-made by a gal who went all in and followed her passion.  


Growing up, I distinctly remember our 'get togethers' with family and friends as not just BIG, but ridiculously LOUD with laughter and fun, filled with delicious food, and rich in traditions. Over the years, things haven't changed much. It's still crowded and loud. Amid 'friendly' competition in Scrabble, poker, and karaoke, stories are told, memories are still being made, and family traditions continued.  And in the center of it all, the food. 


Great things happen when people gather around a table full of food, and in this case, a food truck! Founded on a deep love and appreciation of food and family (and eating food with family!), SoFriLumCo invites you to savor the flavors, comfort, and fun surrounding our Filipino family table. Welcome to our family!

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